Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yellowstone Whirlwind in Glamorous Pink

Vacation came rushing Friday afternoon as we desperately packed our poor SUV with endless bags of everyone's crap. All available space, including a Yakima storage unit for the roof, was crammed with water, snacks, children's books, and our luggage. Luckily traffic had died down as we headed out for our outdoor adventure. My in-laws had arrived that same day and to my dismay, they noticed my toes colored in pink, chuckled, and didn't say much about them. Off to a good start!
Finger Paints offers a terrific pink dubbed Signed by the Artist. It is a metallic offering that glows with fine golden specks with a reflective hint of blue amidst the vast sunlight in Yellowstone Park. The base pink is subdued and blended with a reddish blush. These elements all complemented each other to create a fun and cheerful outfit for my piggies.
This polish was easy to apply due to its thinner consistency (unlike my bottle of Artistic Azure). It was surprisingly transparent and required 3 coats of paint to cover the subject and to bring out its color. As a result, it was also more forgiving at the edges and easier to remove the aberrant brushstroke. Still getting better on the application skills.
We visited many sites, some of which I travelled in flip flops. Obviously the crowds noticed but didn't make a big deal. A group of latin teens giggled and told each other to check out my toes but didn't say anything bad. They spoke in Spanish right in front of me not realizing that Spanish was my second language before English. My mother-in-law did ask my wife in private why I painted my toes. She told me about this later. Her response was that I am around too many females and I don't want to be left out. Partially true. It did start out that way as you have read. Now I really love it and I can't imagine having my toes undecorated. It's tremendously fun trying out new colors and the shine of new paint on my happy piggies is mesmerizing. It's lead to healthier feet and nails and more confidence as I brave toe exposure to the gender locked world. I don't have any desire to become a woman or to wear a dress. I like softening my masculine look with a little feminine touch. Only those few daring men would understand.
Other men with nail polish on their toes hiking the Tetons and Yellowstone park? Fat chance. Not a single one that I saw, unless they were hidden by their hiking boots. My toes and feet fared quite well as I didn't do any heavy hiking in flip flops. The paint job held up well and only needed a few touch ups near the end. Feet stayed soft with nightly loving care. Here are a few pictures to share.

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