Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New year 2011

Summer and a chilly fall came and went SO fast. I've been quite distraught. New job; girls are growing fast and ever more beautiful; wife and I are ticking along with the usual ups and downs. She still struggles with the girly me but acceptance and my charm is winning over her.

My piggies have to stay warm but I sneak them out for quick yogurt shop runs or supermarket sprees in flip flops. Burr! The snow will only get worse as the winter swells. They did get a break during our recent trip to Arizona but without a snowy day at the end. Snow among Sahuaro Cacti?! Quite picturesque.

I am currently wearing Ruby Heels from China Glaze. It is a fabulous silver glittery red that I thought would express my holiday cheer and secure me a spot on Santa's good boy list. My pedicure skills have developed well. I find that the lacquer extends a fortnight unscathed. My right fourth piggy tends to chip first, followed by its smaller playmate. It's consistent and odd. It must be related to my swagger. Ha! Compulsion drives me to multiply my layers of color and topcoat which I attribute to their lasting power.

My routine fluctuates directly with my schedule. The most naked my toes have been over the past year was close to 3 weeks. It's all I could endure. Believe that I tried to quit this obssessive, eccentric habit. My condition has worsened, I'm afraid, and now on occasion, the chromatic fever has spread to my fingernails beyond the clear or pink-hued tones. My knuckly digits and veiny hands betray the pretty in my glossy nails. Nevertheless, it's fun when I get around to it. It's a challenge to keep fingernails from chipping from everyday living. Those are active high contact little guys.

I wish you all the best in this upcoming year.