Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sad Recovering Piggies

Happy New Year to everyone! I've dragged along this winter and I'm in the middle of getting a new job. February is just around the corner and a good thing since warmer weather is near. I can only hope. This transition period has been rough and I've finally gotten out and went snowboarding this past weekend. I have a trip to Vail, Colorado soon which should be revitalizing. I was just in Anaheim near Disneyland but it rained the whole time. Good thing I didn't take the whole family with me and spent a thousand or more to fly into gloomy weather. My girls would've still gone to Disneyland in rain coats.

I haven't had lacquered toes for a while now. The very end of that nail yellowing is slowly growing out. Ever notice how toenails grow slower in the winter? I've thought about this problem and I think that maybe it's the nail remover (acetone) that damaged the nail so much. Nail polish all the time certainly doesn't help. I did purchase a non-acetone remover but didn't use it much. It was oily and dissolved the paint slower. I'll have to dig it up and show you. It might be gentler on the nail. I will also try to give my toes somewhat of a break in between colors but that's SO hard to do. Even if the weather was better, I'd be embarrassed to show my toes at this point. They are still nicely pampered and polished. Let me know your thoughts on nail polish removers and acetone vs. non-acetone.

I will try to make better efforts to write. I will reveal something that will likely shock most of you but I'll save it until March or April, when I start painting my toes again and showing those piggies off in a new way.