Monday, November 16, 2009

Rockin' Los Angeles, Not Really

I meant to save this black for Halloween but got too busy after the Seattle trip. What better place to try it than Los Angeles, where rock stars litter the trendy spots and many sport polished nails. I got so busy with work that I barely had a chance to get out. Right before leaving I had a chance to stroll down Rodeo Drive, where it seemed like the economy hadn't touched them since every other dude seemed to drive a Bentley and half a dozen fairly young guys were cruising in their (parents'?) late model Ferraris.

I stayed at the Sheraton Downtown and was less than impressed. Certainly no Hotel 1000 and the price wasn't far off. Not my choice but if it was, I'd look for something else. It's old and worn and the bathroom much of a turn off. In fairness, I think other Sheratons can be quite nice.

I had the chance to check out some shoes and really like the offerings from Gucci this fall, especially their sandals. Tom Ford also has some nice models but they are insanely expensive, like $1600+ expensive. John Lobb from London fit in the middle with $1000 leathers. I keep nice shoes that I've collected over the years and take very good care of them. I polish them frequently and keep them in cedar shoe trees. They still look quite new. I don't purchase shoes that often since I'm a bit selective. Aside from Ferragamo shoes, I can't get the other brands locally unless I visit a place where there's a Saks or Neiman Marcus or a particular designer boutique. I've bought online but it's dicey and returns can be costly. Occasionally Nordstrom Rack will have a rare treasure buried in the mess of shoe racks and I'll find Prada in my size and style. Very rare. In fact, it's only happened once. For women, I've spotted Jimmy Choo, Prada, even Lanvin on the rack. Not the ugly models but something very wearable. I'm gearing up to wear my keen boots or my Columbia snow boots as the weather turns icy. I've often thought of buying "regular" work shoes to wear in the winter as the salt is harsh on the leather soles and the tops and spare my designer collection. Do you have a shoe fetish? Or am I just nuts for a guy?

Pat on the Black by Sally Hansen was also purchased with Raisin the Bar. It's a solid black but it's been described as having a purplish hue. It didn't appear to be purely black and instead gave a flash of dark chocolate. My wife saw them and thought it was brown. It took two coats and came on evenly. Now that I'm home, I haven't ventured out with them. It would appear less feminine, not that I care. I honestly prefer the pinks. I like reds, just like wine, and should wear it more often.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Raisin the Bar

Sally Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer offers Raisin the Bar as a superb shimmery pink-laden red. It's quite silvery and one could really tell by the streaks impressed on the paint as I stroked the polish on. Not a bad thing. The consistency was perfect and it dried just right. I like the rubber handle but it's less comfortable than Orly's. The square bottle is clean and looks sharp. It reminded me of Testor model paints from my nerdy pre-teen days of building cars and jets. All in all, for the price (I got it for under $4), it's a beautiful color to wear. I am mortified that I lost my picture. I won't mind wearing it again and I'll snap one for all of you.