Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Love Vegas!

Finally someone (Molly, thank you!) prompted me to get with it and try to maintain my sad blog. I left to Las Vegas this past weekend with the family and wore nothing but sandals and flip flops. It stayed cold and damp at home and I even heard it snowed in our surrounding mountains. Some ski resorts are still open on the weekends.

Las Vegas enjoyed good weather except for Sunday, which suffered with strong winds and some sprinkles. The strip was crowded with the usual holiday weekend masses. People from all walks of life were there to have fun and let loose, just like me. I suppose because it's Las Vegas that people are somewhat more accepting of the guy wearing colored toes and a "satchel" but not really. I prefer ESB, European shoulder bag. Ha! I credit that to the Progressive TV commercial. I just call it my purse. I can carry more and I don't have to have a bulge on the back of my ass or stuff filling my front pockets. Besides, it's uncomfortable to sit on. How did I ever do it before?

I stayed up late Thursday night to decorate my piggies for the trip. I took off the dark red from Essie that just chipped a day ago and put this number on. I was sifting through my lacquer box and initially felt this urge to go all out with a slutty red. Hey, it's Vegas and anything less than flashy would just blend into the smoky casino carpet or be overwhelmed by the flashing slot lights and seemingly incessant ringing. Being red-green color blind, I actually don't even know exactly what color I'm wearing. It's called Awakening from China Glaze. I've worn it before. It carries a fine golden shimmer that reflects nicely against the sunlight and at times it looks like an odd shade of pink to me. I like it a lot and I'm glad that's what I wore. It seemed more subdued and mature. Funny that I'm writing about nail polish and I can't even figure out what color I'm using.