Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pink is the New Black

I must admit that I love the pink shades and have been looking for different offerings. Essie makes a wide range of pinks and reds that come in these cute small square bottles with white tops. I bought my first bottle in a nonmetallic medium pink dubbed Movers and Shakers. Its consistency was just right though the brush was thin. I've been spoiled by OPI's wider brush design. The polish went on smoothly and settled evenly. My toenails were trimmed back to a shorter length and the tops filed to a smooth shiny surface. The pink made me feel young, daring, and quite sexy. I love it! Pulling pink off as a man is probably hard and dressing well doesn't help. Needless to say, I am confident and don't mind breaking the "rules" and showing my lovely toes to the world.

I am still having fun with polish and can't wait to try the next color. Only a couple more months before the season changes and the cold snowy months force me to keep my toes sheltered in waterproof boots. On the bright side, my feet are usually in their best shape during those gloomy times and with my ramped up obsessive foot adoration they will be baby smooth. Some day soon I will pack up and leave this miserable place to be in a warm or even hot place where the snow sprinkles over the dessert landscape once in a hundred years. I can then wear my sandals year round with my dashing toes playing under the bright sun. That will be the day. Gucci sandals would be so fitting and an absolute must in the collection. I am up in clouds right now. Please don't wake me up.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

That's Berry Daring with UGG Fluffies Review

As I'm becoming more comfortable about my fetish, I'm not too shy about trying out different shades. I am now exploring the more "feminine" side with several tones of pink. My latest flirt with color has to do with OPI's That's Berry Daring. It's lovely and so rightfully fun for summer. It shows my sensitive side (though I think to the general crowd it screams gay). Hey, if Beckham (the ultimate metrosexual) can pull it off, so can I. That's Berry Daring is a semi-metallic middle range pink with a hint of red. It has a tiny amount of golden flecks that only under intense lighting does it become apparent. On this photo above, it came out rather reddish, which it's not. I've since taken it off but considered putting it back on for another run because I liked it so much.

I was pacing through REI, one of the best stores for outdoor gear, when I came across this pair of flip flops from UGG, makers of fuzzy sheep boots. Since my footcare is rather extreme, I thought it would function well to protect my so soft soles from my own hazardous slate floors at home. These black UGG flip flops, dubbed Fluffies, are made from soft rubber straps, firmer rubber soles with a light flat tread pattern, and its most important feature, the soft fleece footbed. Upon stepping on them, they feel as one can imagine, fluffy. They are comfortable and functional. They look good. I must say that I like the women's slim cut. I don't like bulky sandals or flip flops. I only use them at home but wouldn't be embarrased about taking them out to the supermarket. Hell, I already have my toes painted. My only complaint about this item is the black suede leather patch on the back of the footbed. My heels rest directly on them, and though soft, it's not as soft as the fleece and after slightly prolonged wear, its black dye rubs off on the skin, leaving me with a black heel. They're new I suppose and with continued use, should get better. They seem to be washable by hand but I'm not sure how that would affect the fleece. They go for $40USD but they were on sale for $30. For a pair of flip flops, that's fairly pricey but well worth it. My Prada rubber flip flops were over 3 times more so this seemed like a bargain. Overall, I give it 8 1/2 piggies out of nine. Keep loving those feet!

Coleccion de Espana

I frequently scour the net for updates on what's new in the fascinating world of colored nails. Although I own a mixture of polish brands, OPI is one of my favorites. The Coleccion de Espana contains so many beautiful shades that elicit a sense of passion and lust. This is making me crave tasty tapas and rich saffron-laced paella. I've recently purchased a couple of their sexy chromatic offerings. I find that my piggies' appetite for color outpaces my rate of being able to actually dress them in it. I leap forward one too many playful coats while still feeling out the current outfit. It takes too much work to switch out enamels more than once a week. I now have a growing collection with several new bottles still untouched and I'm thinking about what other color to get this week. If I was a girl (I may be worse than a girl), I'd go through them quicker as I'd try one color on my hands and another on my feet. I'm not sure what rules there may be regarding matching fingernails and toenails. My knuckly hands are too ugly to wear polish plus I can't do it because of my healthcare job. My feet are also manly and veiny with large nails but I feel as if I can get away with it. At least they are well taken care of and naturally hairless. I will post my toes in those colors once I get around to them and once I stop my compulsivity in neurotic polish acquisition. Which colors do you like? Which colors did I get?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Why So Many Unfortunate Piggies

I painted my wife's toes last night as she was sleeping and thought that it doesn't seem fair that she can wear any color, style, and a plethora of the prettiest shoes without any clout. That being said, she takes it for granted and ignores her poor feet. Her polish was a couple of weeks old and worn out. I've made efforts to help her get them better but without her wanting them to be pretty, hours spent scraping, filing, and nourishing her feet just gets wasted. I don't try very hard any more. By the next day, they were chipped in multiple spots. One day. How much damage can one do in just one day? I can't help her if she doesn't want to help herself. She's not asking for my help I suppose.

I must confess (no surprise) that I have a growing foot fetish and I now take notice of people's feet, which are abundant for inspection in the summer and early fall months. Don't get me wrong. I shouldn't call it a fetish as that brings to mind multiple perverted acts that one can do with toes and feet. I'm a foot admirer. That sounds better. Men's feet are among the worst, including a pair that I saw that had deep cracks on the heel with duct tape over one of them. Duct tape! Are you kidding me? How caveman-like is that? I proudly say mine are still the best out there and I am happy.

Now for the female side of feet, one would logically conclude that most women look out for themselves. Not true. I'd say one out of 25 women I come across at work, the grocery store, or the mall has nice feet. Nails are usually polished but chipped, faded, or left on so long there's a quarter inch of new nail at the base. WTF? There are those where the nails are obviously salon quality crafted but their heels are dry and fissured and their toes white from dessication. I saw a lady with feet that looked like they were dipped in tar and never washed. Where's the pride? Where is the self-respect and the basic need for hygiene? At least hide them behind shoes.

Looking back in time, I'd say this foot adoration of mine was well hidden within me and just needed that spark to overcome my own subconscious gender obstacles. I remember a girl in high school who sat by me all the time and spent her time painting her nails in class. We were friends and I had a crush on her. She would let me paint her nails all the time despite the crappy job I did. That never blossomed into a relationship. I moved on to college and only remember "foot" instances (now that I'm trying hard to analyze my fetish, uh, adoration), like this time I saw this girl in class with the most beautiful feet and cute too. Funny how that sudden, impulsive attraction came from seeing her slender, smooth, clean feet. That may have been just the beginning. I tried toe sucking but it didn't do much for me. Strange that I think about all of this now, today, right now. Self-therapy. Purging of inner feelings to the external world. My wife won't hear it or care for it. Actually, she'd rather have me stop.

Whatever your reason, true fetish or not, keep feeding those deserving piggies your love, attention, and color of choice. They deserve it, especially since they support all of your weight everyday. Keep hydrated!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Brick Red for my Piggies

Having recovered from a week long outing, my toes were finally glad to be back into the old routine of pampering and trying out new products. My next adventure was somewhat unexpected as aiming for one color turned out different but so delightful.

OPI offers a wonderful array of colors with catchy names. I picked 20 Candles On My Cake to feed my hungry toes and I've been surprised at how well it wears for a man. It is a nonmetallic, smooth earthy shade of brown with a reddish hue. The polish was easy to apply and the larger brush spread the paint evenly. I originally thought I was getting a deep off pink color but under poor store lighting, it's hard to make out. My wife says it looks like a brick red and remarked what a nice shade it was for my feet. Persistence is slowly gaining her reluctant acceptance. My mom doesn't even say anything after her "Are you gay?" remark when I first started.
One question I have (and I will ask in a forum I frequently visit) is how long should a toenail be? Should any skin show at it's distal end? What's your opinion? The sound of crickets in the night are overwhelmingly clear :(

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yellowstone Whirlwind in Glamorous Pink

Vacation came rushing Friday afternoon as we desperately packed our poor SUV with endless bags of everyone's crap. All available space, including a Yakima storage unit for the roof, was crammed with water, snacks, children's books, and our luggage. Luckily traffic had died down as we headed out for our outdoor adventure. My in-laws had arrived that same day and to my dismay, they noticed my toes colored in pink, chuckled, and didn't say much about them. Off to a good start!
Finger Paints offers a terrific pink dubbed Signed by the Artist. It is a metallic offering that glows with fine golden specks with a reflective hint of blue amidst the vast sunlight in Yellowstone Park. The base pink is subdued and blended with a reddish blush. These elements all complemented each other to create a fun and cheerful outfit for my piggies.
This polish was easy to apply due to its thinner consistency (unlike my bottle of Artistic Azure). It was surprisingly transparent and required 3 coats of paint to cover the subject and to bring out its color. As a result, it was also more forgiving at the edges and easier to remove the aberrant brushstroke. Still getting better on the application skills.
We visited many sites, some of which I travelled in flip flops. Obviously the crowds noticed but didn't make a big deal. A group of latin teens giggled and told each other to check out my toes but didn't say anything bad. They spoke in Spanish right in front of me not realizing that Spanish was my second language before English. My mother-in-law did ask my wife in private why I painted my toes. She told me about this later. Her response was that I am around too many females and I don't want to be left out. Partially true. It did start out that way as you have read. Now I really love it and I can't imagine having my toes undecorated. It's tremendously fun trying out new colors and the shine of new paint on my happy piggies is mesmerizing. It's lead to healthier feet and nails and more confidence as I brave toe exposure to the gender locked world. I don't have any desire to become a woman or to wear a dress. I like softening my masculine look with a little feminine touch. Only those few daring men would understand.
Other men with nail polish on their toes hiking the Tetons and Yellowstone park? Fat chance. Not a single one that I saw, unless they were hidden by their hiking boots. My toes and feet fared quite well as I didn't do any heavy hiking in flip flops. The paint job held up well and only needed a few touch ups near the end. Feet stayed soft with nightly loving care. Here are a few pictures to share.