Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pink is the New Black

I must admit that I love the pink shades and have been looking for different offerings. Essie makes a wide range of pinks and reds that come in these cute small square bottles with white tops. I bought my first bottle in a nonmetallic medium pink dubbed Movers and Shakers. Its consistency was just right though the brush was thin. I've been spoiled by OPI's wider brush design. The polish went on smoothly and settled evenly. My toenails were trimmed back to a shorter length and the tops filed to a smooth shiny surface. The pink made me feel young, daring, and quite sexy. I love it! Pulling pink off as a man is probably hard and dressing well doesn't help. Needless to say, I am confident and don't mind breaking the "rules" and showing my lovely toes to the world.

I am still having fun with polish and can't wait to try the next color. Only a couple more months before the season changes and the cold snowy months force me to keep my toes sheltered in waterproof boots. On the bright side, my feet are usually in their best shape during those gloomy times and with my ramped up obsessive foot adoration they will be baby smooth. Some day soon I will pack up and leave this miserable place to be in a warm or even hot place where the snow sprinkles over the dessert landscape once in a hundred years. I can then wear my sandals year round with my dashing toes playing under the bright sun. That will be the day. Gucci sandals would be so fitting and an absolute must in the collection. I am up in clouds right now. Please don't wake me up.


  1. I am SO with you on being spoiled by those new OPI brushes. I think everyone should switch to them!

    I love that you're rocking the pink. My dad is a burly bear of a guy, and he has worn pink (*hot* pink) t-shirts unapologetically for as long as I can remember. My mom just rolls her eyes LOL! Come to think of it, he was also the one who painted my nails - and my sister's - when we were too young to do it ourselves. Maybe you guys should hang out :~D

  2. Coloring my beautiful girls' nails was the beginning of this adventure. They're so used to seeing me with pretty toes. I hope they don't have issues with it later, like being embarrassed by me. I'm their old man and this is how I am.

  3. My sister and I went through a period of being embarrassed, but it was middle - high school, when all kids are embarrassed by *both* parents. I wouldn't have my dad any other way!