Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Pretty Pearl at the End of Summer

Having taken an affinity to all things pink, I considered knocking things back a notch and exploring more subdued, less alarming colors. Shades that would stand out when light strikes it at just the right angulation. Subtle (yeah right). I'm perfectly fine with louder colors but for me it takes more maintenance to get all my piggies dressed and in top shape. Going for lighter colors is a way to curb that as I'm trying to come to terms with my one injured piggy. Now, subdued did not mean flat polish or shimmer-free concoctions. No way!

I visited my friendly Sally store and picked up Fifty-Four from Orly, which is essentially a clear coat with fine silvery specks that will add a touch of beauty to a plain nail or dress up any nonmetallic paint with a touch of shiny glamour. I've also discovered that if used on top of a metallic color that it enhances its own shimmery properties by adding another dimension of glitter for an end result that is fabulous.

I used Fifty-Four as a top coat for the lovely OPI Rosy Future. It must be an old color because the label seemed dated and it was on clearance at a local supermarket. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful opalescent pink with a hint of blue shine and fine silver specks. It took two coats to cover the nail well and a top coat of extra shimmer that added depth and sparkle. It wore quite well as it lasted well over a week before I changed colors. We drove to a nearby town for a dog show. The dogs didn't seem to mind. In fact, I think they were rather tickled to see my colored toes. Ironic for dogs to notice.

Weather is still relatively warm and my piggies can still enjoy some exposure. If I count by weeks, I only have a handful of colors to show off before the cold sets in and the prohibitive snow follows. I imagine that I'll shift my palette to darker shades and I'm thinking for Halloween that I'll give black a try.


  1. That color is fantastic! If you'd like one that is similar in color (at least as far as I can tell), but pearly shimmer with no opalescence, check out Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in "Pink Promise". One coat provides a very subtle shimmer to your nails. Two coats is perfect sheer pink coverage. It's my favorite polish for a quick mani/pedi when I don't feel like bothering with base and topcoats.

  2. I haven't tried Sally lacquer yet. I'll check it out next time I come across them. Thanks for writing. Welcome back my one and only audience. Your comments are very appreciated.

  3. Look great to me. Wife has been after me to go get Pedicure. I wear Berks most of the time without Socks (winter with socks, SNOW Berks).