Thursday, September 24, 2009

Passion Back on my Toes

My tired feet had been dragged through a bit of an arduous week bound in restrictive shoes. These poor piggies shed their perfectly kept pearl coats and have cruised through a few days au naturale. I filed and smoothed their backs as well as those of their cousins, the fingernails. Catching a break from the hustle of my chosen path, I came around to finally sporting one of two colors I had bought from the OPI Coleccion de Espana. Last night, er, technically this very early AM, I once again found solace in my bathroom whilst my loved ones were securely asleep. Only the sound of our zen rock slab fountain dribble is heard through a baseline hum of electrical appliances. It's quiet. I'm achy. The girls are not fighting and calling each other a "fidiot." I curiously asked what or where that word derived from. Apparently it rhymes with idiot and it sounds funny (and offensive). I couldn't help but look it up. On urban dictionary, it signifies an extreme of idiot. No wonder my bathroom is a desired, soothing shelter.
One attractive choice from that selection is Ate Berries in the Canaries. Wow! It colored smoothly with its wide brush applicator and its thinner consistency made for an even slick coat. It's a rich and seductive fuchsia that effortlessly oozes confidence and glamorizes my spoiled piggies. No glitter this time. It's perfect just how it is. My toes were tickled silly and smiled wide. This feels right. Very sexy, at least that's how it makes me feel. My wife still rolls her eyes.


  1. Fantastic color!

    I meant to mention before: not sure if any of their colors would appeal to you, but Maybelline's "Salon Expert" line has a nice flat brush too, with a slightly rounded shape that really works for getting *around* cuticles without accidentally hitting them (which I tend to do with squared-off brushes).

  2. Trina, You're back! Sorry I missed your comment. I do love the wider brushes but have not tried rounded tips. Maybelline should be an accessible brand. I'll look out for it. Thanks for you input again.