Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be mine! I heart you! Kiss me!

Cupid was quite industrious buzzing around taking aim at many hearts last night seeing that many eateries were packed with eager hearts and hungry bellies. It occurred to me late last week that I should probably get reservations and by then the hours between 5pm and 830pm were booked at all upscale places. I toil until late on Mondays anyway and so it wasn't a big deal to have a late dinner with my wife, lover, and mother of our beautiful girls. We took our time savoring all the dishes in the Valentine's dinner special. New place for us and we were pleasantly surprised.
I hope yesterday went well with everyone and I'm guessing most of us lacquered men had fun wearing a strong red for the occasion. I certainly did ensure that this past week a red snuck in my rotation of colors.
Though any day is good for pretty nails, I make an effort to pair themes to many occasions. Red is very sexy and it fits occasions like yesterday and the holidays in December. Christmas shined brightly with a red sparkle number named Hulu Heels by Orly. Green is not my color but would fare well for this holiday as well as for St. Patrick's day. For fourth of July I like to wear blue and I'm considering a small patriotic decal for this year. Red, blue, and white over many toes seems a bit much for me but it could work for others. Halloween is fun and the standard black plays in. This year I hope to do pumpkin toes and find a spooky sparkly orange to wear. If I'm still here, Halloween is always too cold and the kids have to wear large coats over their costumes. Those ghouly toes will have to be contained in boots. No fun! What would one wear for Thanksgiving day? Black I suppose would do the pilgrims justice. Any other holidays? Easter with a pastel color. Mother's day with a warm, nurturing tone like pink. Birthday? Any color you want!