Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hot Toes in the Valley of the Sun

I am sitting at the Phoenix airport waiting for the my delayed flight to arrive. I am buzzed after only two, albeit large frozen margaritas, and all of a sudden this hub of frantic shuttling activity for folks from all walks of life has become rather warming. Comfortable. At the bar, an older business-type man started talking to me about football, the only thing screening on the multiple flat panels. I nod and smile and awkwardly try to come up with something smart to say about football. I don't watch tv and much less follow sports. Nothing comes to mind except for that thug M. Vick, who apparently had a bad week. I did feel bad for him as his focus turned to remembrance for his teenage boy who was apparently killed in some sort of accident. He has a 14 year old daughter who is so traumatized that when he or his wife travel, she freaks out because she thinks that something bad may happen to them and she'd be left alone in this world. Geez! Count your blessings and appreciate your life and your loved ones. Any time that I travel, I tell my wife to always let my girls know that I loved them very much and that I always want the best for them. She thinks I'm stupid for talking like that. One never knows.
My trip was for business, not pleasure. I did see my brother for a little bit since I also travelled to Tucson. He's just as busy and worked for the better part of our time. I will admit that I was at least anxious about showing my toes in front of him. I was bogged down with work the week prior to leaving and didn't have a chance to pick out a color. I stuck with the gorgeous fuchsia, which was at its latter end of luster. It chipped on two piggies. I was well prepared, as always, and promptly addressed the minor injuries to my ailing toes. I was shocked to find that when he saw them, the only thing he said was "Do you paint your toes?" I said with certainty in my voice "absolutely." It never came up again. I was shocked and ready to defend my position but didn't have to at all. That was easy.
Arizona is a conservative state and I got more negative grimaces from women and men alike than any other place. No one has yet to say a thing about my toes. It's just interesting. My next trip is to Seattle but it will be too cold to sport sandals. It already snowed a bit at home. The era of closet toes is coming.


  1. I'm glad your brother was cool about your toes! People can sometimes be surprisingly open-minded.

  2. I was shocked myself since we tend to give each other a lot of crap. Maybe he's tried it before. That would be cool!