Sunday, October 11, 2009

Back to the Start in Havaianas

One last stretch of chilly weather before utter popsicle days set in and my sad piggies become sheltered for a long bleak winter. Browsing through my girly drawer, I came across that old bottle of OPI Rodeo Rose, the one that started it all on that fateful afternoon with my precious daughters. I immediately took a fondness to this bright, almost flourescent cheerful pink and thought of what possessed me to polish my toes at all. I can't explain it other than it was sheer fate. One last effort for this bottle since the lacquer was condensed as syrup and its top forcefully opened (but not cracked! Ha ha!) Even its smell was stagnant and slightly repulsive, unlike the inviting swirl of exhilarating fumes flowing from a fresh bottle of liquid joy. Armed with crazed determination, I slathered it on each toe with swift strokes and startling skill, knowing that a second pass will likely result in aggravating smudging and frustration. It came on thick but the stroke ridges dissipated into a smooth thick shell. The top coat always seems to correct any minute contour deformities. At last, my toes basked in triumph and curled with delight. The pink is certainly loud, unlike the elegance that my Essie Movers and Shakers exulted.
It's a bit late to discover the fun of flip flops combined with well dressed toes. I have a few sandals and a pair of flip flops from Prada and UGG. Havaianas, especially on sale at the Rack, are only a small fraction of their Italian counterparts. I don't have much variety on the expensive side so I usually choose black. Havaianas have an attractive slim shape even in the men's styles (not that it matters to me whether they're women's or not.) Many of the patterns and colors are so fun that I can't help but keep a few. They are surprisingly comfortable and gentle on the heels. It's a great way to lighten up one's appeareance. They go absolutely well with jeans as well as a dressy pair of Armani pants. Shorts are a no brainer. One must still somewhat match the right shade of rubber, of course. Otherwise, it looks sloppy even in its casual dress down kind of way. Just my humble opinion. My latest pair is much wilder than my norm. Havaianas 4 Nite is a glow-in-the-dark offering with painted alternating ?s and !s interrupted by glowing circles. The Havaianas label on the lateral strap also glows. Radiation on my feet? Who knows but the glow doesn't last very long. Halloween is near so I guess that attracted me to these flops. Good times.
I went to the local mall to pick out sunglasses. The young man working there was very pleasant and when he offered to help me, he instantly noticed my toes. He said he really liked them. Since I was buying $300+ sunglasses, he wasn't going to insult me. He even admitted he colors his black. I appreciated that compliment from a complete stranger. A guy. A rather feminine guy. With flare. I'm totally cool with that since I'm probably considered borderline by those who don't know me.

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