Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bedside Toe Treats, Aveda Foot Relief Review

I read some wonderful blogs about our passion for lacquer but I have to recognize that much work and time is dedicated to bringing that final entry, especially if you have to color your nails with six different swatches then capture them in their most vivid pose. As an amateur, it still takes me considerable labor to get my piggies prepped. I can't imagine the cost of searching and purchasing half a dozen new colors weekly. My hats off to them! I'll have to post my favorite ones later on the section of what blogs I follow.

I really haven't taken the time to review foot care products. My decision to choose a particular product is influenced by location, availability, marketing, packaging, and branding. Personal choice ultimately decides what makes it home to slather on my precious skin. These happen to be my current options for loving my feet. I got manic and lost my senses for a bit during the beginnings of my new fetish when I bought several foot creams. I alternate products just about daily and often combine them. How the hell do I tell what is superior and what makes a difference for my skin? I can't. Sorry to disappoint. These are not randomized, double-blinded clinical trials. I like all of them and really choose one based on mood for a certain texture or fragrance. My feet stay moisturized and I always wear a pair of socks to bed. I generally use a flavored lotion first right after my shower (I do this at night) then follow with a fragrance-free base cream like Cetaphil. Do I need to double up? Or am I just wasting material? What conclusions can be drawn about the first lotion? The base lotion? Damn it! I don't know but my ridiculous obsessive ritual calms my anxiety and urge to twist the doorlock three times with my left hand each passage through a door. Ha! I'm kidding. I don't like touching faucet knobs or door handles in public places. This is true.

Back on track! From left to right, Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream, Kiehl's Superbly Restorative Argan Body Lotion, L'Occitane Verbena Body Lotion, Pangea Organics Egyptian Basil & Mint Hand & Body Lotion, L'Occitane Relaxing Foot Cream with Lavender, Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion, and Aveda Foot Relief. This composes most of my bedside foot bar where each night those silly piggies imbibe in these delicious toe tickling treats.

One of the tastier samplings is from Aveda. Their Foot Relief lotion "gently exfoliates, revitalizes and nourishes stressed feet." Before purchasing it on a trip to Las Vegas, I searched the internet for reviews and found a plethora of raves for this wonderful lotion. Its creamy smooth texture rubs on smoothly without feeling greasy. Just as you open its flip top, the herbal scent of peppermint and rosemary mixed with nuts and fruits quickly engages your senses. By far it has the most wonderful, irresistible smell of any lotion. Hands down. It absorbs quickly and does make your feet feel clean and refreshed. I tend to use this one by itself. It is made with many extracts of fruit and herbs, a characteristic trait of the Aveda Corporation. Cons of Foot Relief are that it's pricey for the amount ($19 for 4.2 fl oz), which can disappear quickly. It states that it exfoliates but I doubt it's significant. I will certainly always keep this product stocked in my bar. I highly recommend it and award it a full 9 piggies out of nine.

I will review the other products over the next few weeks. If you have any thoughts or have tried this lotion, please feel free to chime in. This is only my simple view and as you can tell, not an exhaustive or unbiased opinion. Keep those feet spoiled and show them off!


  1. Thanks for the review. I too had been searching for a good lotion for my feet. I have some pretty good calluses that come from 45years of Tae Kwon-Do, and 53 years of walking barefoot. This past summer I also took up barefoot running, so calluses are a benefit, specially since I am up to 5 mi/day. Regardless, I still need to take care of my feet. One of the best things I have found is udder cream.

    It keeps my feet soft, but lets me keep the toughness that I need to protect my soles. In addition to that I found a hemp based product called "Moist Hemp Bronzing Moisturizer"

    that has a really light coconut fragrance, in addition to a light bronzer that gives me the nicest evenest fake tan I have ever seen. I don't just use it on my feet either. I can actually feel it being absorbed into my skin.

  2. It's nice to see what other people have for their toe treats. Udder Cream has a fun cow mottled jar. The Hemp bronzer seems to give you that even summer look through the seasons. I like to keep my feet light and wear sunscreen so I don't get that thong tan line. My wife has had it all summer and fall.