Monday, October 26, 2009

Naughty in Seattle

Seattle lives up to its reputation. It is cold, wet, and gloomy outside. Despite the typical forecast, the seaside city is vibrant, cultivated, fashion forward, and bursts through its seams with delectable food choices. My keen observational skills tell me that women are well dressed here. Perhaps the weather permits one to accessorize and bring forth a more complete ensemble of threads. Boots are very fashionable this winter. It completes the look whether you're draping over a dress or tucking in well-fitted jeans to show off those slim, long legs. Tres chic! Men, although fewer in numbers, were hip and tuned into modern looks.

I wish I'd spend more time here living so that I may run down to Pike Place Market, past the disgusting Wall of Gum, and plan elaborate meals utilizing the fresh seafood and locally grown fruits and vegetables. There is a neat store called Beecher's Handmade Cheese that sells specialty artisanal cheeses. Through its large windows, you can see their vats of curd and whey being mixed. Strolling through the downtown area, I notice that there are many nail salons. Some are nicer than others. Unfortunately, I did not feel the compulsion to visit one during my stay and can't really review one. (What kind of crap nail blog is this?)

The Hotel 1000 is a modern, swanky edifice conveniently located in downtown Seattle. It is near many attractions, including one right next door. Taboo Video is a 24hr adult store ready to satisfy any carnal urges at any time of the day. We had a good laugh about this since they're not shy about their front window display of many decorated phallic items. My oldest daughter read their sign and pointed out to us that it was for adults. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. The room, as you see above, is fantastic. It's relatively spacious and I didn't feel cramped at all. The bathroom was special as it was only divided from the room by a large glass pane. A nice touch is that the tub water fills from the ceiling. The feel and look of the hotel reminded me of our visit to Vancouver, BC. We stayed at the Opus. If you get a chance, I highly recommend these places.

Though my toes were colored, it was too damp and cold to wear sandals or flip flops. My piggies rebelled within their classic toe cap Ferragamo enclosures as I mingled with my stuffy colleagues in meetings all day long. Orly's Naughty is a rich, ultra-dark chocolate red that almost comes across as black in low light. My bottle was filled with thin liquid and when it came time for application, it brushed on like dark venous blood with a degree of transparency. Surprisingly, it took three layers to wear it but it layered smoothly. Wow! This is the darkest I've worn. Against my pale winter complexion, my piggy coats stood out naughtily, as the name suggests. I love this color. Good transition to the goth black I'll be attempting soon for Halloween's sake.

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