Wednesday, August 19, 2009

That's Berry Daring with UGG Fluffies Review

As I'm becoming more comfortable about my fetish, I'm not too shy about trying out different shades. I am now exploring the more "feminine" side with several tones of pink. My latest flirt with color has to do with OPI's That's Berry Daring. It's lovely and so rightfully fun for summer. It shows my sensitive side (though I think to the general crowd it screams gay). Hey, if Beckham (the ultimate metrosexual) can pull it off, so can I. That's Berry Daring is a semi-metallic middle range pink with a hint of red. It has a tiny amount of golden flecks that only under intense lighting does it become apparent. On this photo above, it came out rather reddish, which it's not. I've since taken it off but considered putting it back on for another run because I liked it so much.

I was pacing through REI, one of the best stores for outdoor gear, when I came across this pair of flip flops from UGG, makers of fuzzy sheep boots. Since my footcare is rather extreme, I thought it would function well to protect my so soft soles from my own hazardous slate floors at home. These black UGG flip flops, dubbed Fluffies, are made from soft rubber straps, firmer rubber soles with a light flat tread pattern, and its most important feature, the soft fleece footbed. Upon stepping on them, they feel as one can imagine, fluffy. They are comfortable and functional. They look good. I must say that I like the women's slim cut. I don't like bulky sandals or flip flops. I only use them at home but wouldn't be embarrased about taking them out to the supermarket. Hell, I already have my toes painted. My only complaint about this item is the black suede leather patch on the back of the footbed. My heels rest directly on them, and though soft, it's not as soft as the fleece and after slightly prolonged wear, its black dye rubs off on the skin, leaving me with a black heel. They're new I suppose and with continued use, should get better. They seem to be washable by hand but I'm not sure how that would affect the fleece. They go for $40USD but they were on sale for $30. For a pair of flip flops, that's fairly pricey but well worth it. My Prada rubber flip flops were over 3 times more so this seemed like a bargain. Overall, I give it 8 1/2 piggies out of nine. Keep loving those feet!

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