Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Coleccion de Espana

I frequently scour the net for updates on what's new in the fascinating world of colored nails. Although I own a mixture of polish brands, OPI is one of my favorites. The Coleccion de Espana contains so many beautiful shades that elicit a sense of passion and lust. This is making me crave tasty tapas and rich saffron-laced paella. I've recently purchased a couple of their sexy chromatic offerings. I find that my piggies' appetite for color outpaces my rate of being able to actually dress them in it. I leap forward one too many playful coats while still feeling out the current outfit. It takes too much work to switch out enamels more than once a week. I now have a growing collection with several new bottles still untouched and I'm thinking about what other color to get this week. If I was a girl (I may be worse than a girl), I'd go through them quicker as I'd try one color on my hands and another on my feet. I'm not sure what rules there may be regarding matching fingernails and toenails. My knuckly hands are too ugly to wear polish plus I can't do it because of my healthcare job. My feet are also manly and veiny with large nails but I feel as if I can get away with it. At least they are well taken care of and naturally hairless. I will post my toes in those colors once I get around to them and once I stop my compulsivity in neurotic polish acquisition. Which colors do you like? Which colors did I get?

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