Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One Trip in Pink

Anxiety looms over my tired being as my vacation draws nearer. Less than a week since our 'sinful' weekend romp in that desert paradise and short of recovering from a chaotic work schedule, I must again confront a fast-paced, cram all the sights in a week, go, go, go because the bears might hibernate early type of wilderness adventure in beautiful Yellowstone National Park. That is my wife's style of vacationing. You get overwhelmed with activities while you're away, come home the last minute, and go to work feeling absolutely wasted. I usually need another week of vacation after my vacation just to recover my senses. We're driving this time and it's a long way there.
Packing for any trip now also involves the vital decision of what color to dress my plump piggies and hauling minimal foot care products. For this incursion in the wild, I have chosen Signed By The Artist by Finger Paints. It's a pink and I'll write about it after I come back and fill you in as to how my mother-in-law reacts to her daughter's chosen man's new hobby.
As you can see, my Coach travel bag is a practical size and sturdy. The minimal foot care for this traveling week will consist of nail polish as noted above, nail polish remover in case I have to repair an injured piggy coat, foot file, and foot lotion. The latter is a new product I'm trying but it's too early to know how good it is. Look for my review in a few weeks of Aveda Foot Relief. Miscellaneous items aside from the ordinary include a dental pick (I'm also obsessive about dental hygiene) and a bite guard (I'm a grinder and it's probably related to stress). So, this is a glimpse into my strange and odd habits.
We're not camping or roughing it. We're renting a cabin, doing some sightseeing, and hiking. Old Faithful here I come!

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