Wednesday, July 22, 2009

OPI Mattes

I had read about the highly anticipated release of the new OPI Matte product line and wondered if it's set out to be the trend of this season. Honestly, I didn't hold my breath for it. I happen to come across those pretty little bottles yesterday as I was itching to expand my collection. The color options were indeed wisely chosen as they are some of their more popular tones. Colors include La Paz-itively Hot, You Don't Know Jacques, Gargantuan Green Grape, Lincoln Park After Dark, Russian Navy, and Alpine Snow.

The label is informative but strangely so because it blatantly states that these polishes don't last as long nor should they be combined with any routine preps such as base coat, top coat, or drying agents. The oddest warning by far is the recommendation that one should not get lotion on them. Does lotion make it shiny and ruin the purpose of the matte approach? Does it rub it off more easily? The response from searching many blogs or review sites are that it ruins the matte finish by ruining its chalky surface. Some readers are very excited about it and want to purchase the whole collection. Others, like myself, don't find it appealing. Much less so when it seems like a poor product (unexpected from OPI) since it doesn't last and you can apply lotion on your extremity without worrying about lotion danger. I'm not sure that glossy white is good except for French tips but one reader mentioned that Alpine Snow looked like white-out. Yuk!!

What I love about nail polish is its shiny finish and sparkle, like having a new sports car every week or so. Who would buy a car with a dull paint job? I should qualify that since one of the most expensive offerings by Lamborghini is the awesome Reventon for over a million dollars. The few models sold out before even production began. It has a charcoal gray matte finish that actually looks stunning on such a rolling work of art. It's chosen matte finish is due to its inspiration from jet fighters.


  1. I'm with you - I like the shiny!

    The matte trend/look interested me until I read (as you posted) the part about "no lotion". WTF? Sorry, but I like to stay moisturized! I can't stand my skin feeling dry, and I'm certainly not about to let my nerves and cuticles suffer for a "look"! Maybe one of those mattifying topcoats can be combined with the new polishes to let you have the finish without suffering dry skin?

    At the end of the day though, excepting some of the nifty things Dr. Frankenpolish has done independent of the big companies, I'm just not into the idea of a matte look enough to deal with the limitations. I like the sparkle and the shine! Otherwise, I'd still be painting my nails with white-out like I did in high school :~D

  2. I love shiny too! Great suggestion about protecting that [weak] OPI matte polish with a clear coat of matte, such as Orly Nail for Males. I don't color my hands but I wear OPI Natural Nail Strengthener, which has a hint of shine. That won't do of course so I apply any number of top coat brands I have to make it last longer and to make it shine, shine, SHINE. Color on my hands? I haven't tried. No urge for it right now. It would look ugly on my set of hands (too masculine). Lotion is essential so I couldn't go without it either.

  3. I like matte on my hands (I wear color on 1 or 2 nails). It feels less feminine. I like using the OPI Nails for Males matte as a top coat. It allows me to use any color I like. I am curious how a dedicated matte would apply, but I'm not convinced on those colors.

  4. I wear clear nail polish on my hands. I love the manicured look. Again, I am partial to shiny so that's how I roll. My co-workers do comment on it but I stand up to it. I am proud to be well kept. I even use a bit of a pink tint. Lately, I apply a base coat, Orly Bare Rose, and follow with a shiny top coat. I wear my nails short and filed shiny smooth. I have manly hands so the look softens them. Thanks for stopping by.