Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Silvery Shimmer in San Francisco

I thoroughly enjoyed the attractive pinkish red glow of Seduce Me but I still managed to chip it on multiple toes. Yikes! I keep my footsies well protected but must have let my guard down one day. Sally Beauty Store had a sale on Finger Paints lacquer and opened the opportunity to be bold and pick out some new colors. I will of course try them all and blog about how it made me feel.
The first in line was a color I had already considered and couldn't wait to put on. Suggested by the one and only person to comment on my blog, I must agree that a silver color is very classy and elegant. I guess it also falls under the category of "manly" colors. Finger Paints offers a shimmery silver named Mystery Muse that glides on effortlessly (or I'm just getting better). The reflective particles are very fine and distribute themselves over the nail nearly homogenously, leaving a shiny coat of glimmering joy. As with most paints, its color is dynamic and changes its mood with lighting. Outdoors under the bright sun, its shimmer comes to life against my pale soft toes and makes them standout more than I figured. Under artificial lighting, it takes on a slightly darker persona and it glistens with a touch of medium gray while retaining its lustrous character. Mystery Muse is certainly one that will be added to my favorite list and will spark a search into that silver spectrum of polish for more variations.

I wore it through the Oakland airport with much confidence and got many looks, all strange despite being in the liberal San Francisco area. My family and I did see an athletic guy at the airport who was carrying a huge bike case who wore sandals that revealed a dull silver polish that must have been there for a couple of weeks. Nonetheless, I was excited to finally encounter that. I was wearing my sneakers and didn't get a chance to strike up a conversation about it. Was it something that he did all the time but just didn't have time to re-do it? Was it just a one time 'dare you' to type of occasion with his significant other? I guess I'll never know. It seemed to validate to my wife that I'm not the only one out there with crazy ideas. She still shakes her head at me over my toes but doesn't stop me from wearing it out. I'm not stopping now. The fun is just beginning.


  1. Looks good! Whenever I wear that polish, I tell my husband I have my robot toes on :~D

    I just bought FP Be A Pal-ette, a super dark cool-toned purple with shimmer, and I think it's going to rock for a pedi.

  2. Thanks again Trina for listening. Robot toes. I love it! I haven't considered purple yet but I know it's somewhere down the line as there is so much to enjoy