Thursday, July 23, 2009

Snazzy Blue in Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas! Disinhibition is the rule and what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Since Sally's was having a buy 2 get one free deal on Finger Paints, I decided that the third and "free" color would be a frivolous indulgence. Guilt-free. Adventurous and bold. I never thought that a blue tone would be so fun and rewarding. Not my style for flashy. Then again, just wearing polish sets me apart.

Artistic Azure is the amusing path I've enjoyed taking through the crowded streets of the Vegas strip. It's a robust metallic blue that really awakens the senses and shines with a big smile under the hot desert sun. The metal bits are delightfully cheerful against the sea of deep blue. The contrast against my sluggishly roasting tan provided a solid platform to spring its livelihood. The polish itself was rather thick to brush on and provided a challenge to keep the strokes even and the surface streak-free. It may be an old bottle or just needed more shaking up. Other Finger Paints have been fine in consistency. Well, it was the "free" bottle.

Our choice of lodging proved to be quite pleasant as it was a last minute decision to spend a weekend away. The golden Trump hotel is located just off the strip by a large block, across from the fabulous Fashion mall, where I was able to attain some luxurious beauty items that I'll write about later. The pool became our main accommodation where the kids would joyously splash around. Bare foot and armed with Artistic Azure, I graced the pool with my head up high. People certainly took note but no one seemed to be too bothered. Still no comment, good or bad. I secretly yearn for some kind of feedback. Positive would be nicer. Am I still too out there even for sin city? Doubtful. The mall, the shops, and boutiques would also draw many looks and double takes. I'm truly not an attention seeker though my wife would argue that by being "odd" that I'm seeking validation for my shortcomings. Hhmm? Maybe it's just creepy to most of society and by the simple act of decorating my toes I've turned my otherwise clean and approachable nice self to some perv creep type that repulses all but my own children, (who I am taking this opportunity to teach them acceptance).

Keeping my feet and toes protected from heat, sun, a chlorinated body of water, and sandals through a weekend was incredibly challenging. Like a good boy, I brought my foot file, lotion, and polish for touch ups. As I expected, splashing in the pool and trying to monitor two young girls is a hard job. Sadly, my near perfect polish chipped in the grainy pool concrete over several toes. A fix up at the end of the day did the trick and off I went to show them off to the random masses. My soft heels gathered a few extra layers of keratin that were easily checked with a foot soak and filing in their gigantic whirlpool tub in the room. It's nice to be home now where I can nourish my frazzled footsies back into silky smooth condition.


  1. That is a fantastic color!!!

    The closest I have (which isn't remotely similar, except that it's an amazing blue) is China Glaze Drinkin' My Blues Away. It's my go-to 4th of July blue.

    And I am soooo envious of your Vegas getaway! I've only been there once, when my sister got married, and while many things were fun, there was also a WHOLE lot wrong with that trip.

    Apropos of nothing, if you ever want to try another kickass black polish, OPI My Private Jet is fantastic. Black in most lights, with a fantastic holographic sparkle in sunlight.

  2. Black is way down the list for me but I will certainly consider My Private Jet when the time comes. I don't want that rocker or goth look. I guess it's how you present yourself. Blue was SO fun! I'll be on the look out for another shade. Thanks for posting!