Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Rain is Back and I'm Wearing Shoes :(

     The storm front came angered at all those who wished to show their pretty (well kept) footsies.  I sheltered mine in a pair of Prada sneakers my wife gave me for Father's day.  A good compromise, I deduced.  I am currently soaking my not-so-tired feet in the warmth of a tub mixed with The Body Shop Moonflower foaming milk bath.  I will pass on the multiple foot files I routinely use and just enjoy a gentle rub.  I am sipping on a glass of cabernet and listening to Dashboard Confessional.  My love is also dipping her feet with me. Those rascals of ours just got to bed not too long ago and peace is now starting to creep back into our household.  
     More rain tomorrow and we're heading out to the mountains for a wet romp at the ski resort. Hiking boots will be requisite.  I am disheartened over the limited exposure I've given my new toe color and wonder when summer will finally reign.  I will certainly wear it again but not before trying out many others.  I am having fun with this and again wished that I had started earlier.  My technique continually improves with each successive color and the mess over my toes are lessened.  For those out there in nicer weather, show them off!

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