Friday, June 19, 2009

Black Pearl Balloon Fight

     The skies reluctantly cleared but thunderstorms are predicted for tomorrow. Bummer!  I got out today and had a water balloon fight with my daughters in our lush backyard.  The opportunity presented itself for a barefoot giggly stomp and chase involving rather chilly exploding bombs of latex.  The lawn care kid missed his day last week due to inclement weather so the grass was unusually long.  The green blades were feathery and fun to prance on without the mud.  
The glittery microparticles of the metallic Black Pearl are immersed in a deep sea of overpowering grey.  Under the bright sun, the glitz beaming from my nails were rather subdued and less alarming. I am warming up to this color and will give it some time.  Perhaps a silver shade will tickle my emotions with more punch.
     I am discovering that the color of polish has a dynamic property, or at least it likes to play a fun trick for my retinas.  It changes tone under varying light conditions.  I love it! I think natural daylight extracts the best color out of polish.  What do you think?


  1. It looks much more blue in the suinlight, to my messed-up eyes anyway! I like it (of course, I liked it before). Sounds like you and your daughters had a great time :~D

    If you want to try a great silver, Finger Paints (available at Sally Beauty Supply, which also sells online) has one called Easel Come, Easel Go that looks fantastic on my toes.

  2. Thank you again for visiting! I mean that. I did join the Sally Beauty Club and carry that rather large tag along with my grocery and pet store discount tags. I will definitely check out that silver. Feel free to send a pic of your toes with the color on. I will post it on a blog, if you wish.