Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Dark Side of Color

After a few dreary long days devoid of color, it was time again to resuscitate the vivacity of my cute appendages. Only this time I would take a great departure from the pinks and reds to succumb to the force of the darker side. It's a side, as I'd mentioned before, that I would try to avoid.
Black Pearl is a metallic charcoal gray with just the right amount of shimmer, which I have yet to expose to the sun since the weather has been dreadfully gloomy. I'm curious how the bright light will react to them. Will it light up those reflective particles and scream, "Hallelujah! I'm alive! How can you not notice me?, or will the light rays collide with them and state, "Excuse me, but there's too much disarray on this surface and I must scatter. Good day!" I just don't know yet and I'm patiently awaiting our great star to rid itself of those pesky puffs of soggy gas. My wife thought the color fit me better as it was more "manly," and even suggested a copper color. She's slowly coming around and getting used to the idea of me wearing color on my toes. The initial shock and conflict, which involved episodes of tears and reprimand, has been stowed away in that pile of forgiveables somewhere deep in her heart, along with that time when I forgot to.... Never mind.
Honestly, I feel that Black Pearl will take time to unveil its tenderness and appeal to my piggies. Dressing them in layers of gray has yet to invoke that giddy excitement I've associated with colored toes, especially in the red zone. Unfair perhaps. Premature judgement. Shimmer is a step forward in my boldness and that makes me feel happy.


  1. Is this Chanel's Black Pearl?

    Seriously, you can't post pics like that without giving *full* details about the polish! It looks fantastic!

  2. Thank you for being the first one to see the blog and leave a comment. I was beginning to wonder whether I was writing for nothing. It is therapeutic to release my inner emotions over my new passion. The Black Pearl is from Savina, which I purchased from Nordstrom Rack.