Friday, June 12, 2009

My confidence and comfort level in sharing my pure piggy delights with the whole world has certainly settled in. Outings to the crowded mall, a 311 concert in the rain, church on sunday, a flick at the movie theatre have all become commonplace. I just took off the rich red of Quarter of a Cent to let my nails rest for a couple of days. My naked toenails look so sad without a splash of color. I noticed that I have some fine ridges and irregularities on my nails and took my time last night to polish them up. My goodness, what a difference. They are now SO smooth and shiny. I also pushed back my cuticles and trimmed them. I have collected more pedi tools since I started this and now I have enough equipment and a better understanding to make my feet look even better.
I would like to thank all those wonderful people out there who post advice and tips on foot care. It's been very useful. I am now developing a routine for foot care that is both easy and relaxing. Though I took care of my feet before, now they are the best they've ever been. I will say that as my feet have become so soft that I am getting sore feet more easily. No calluses, no blisters, no red spots. Just sore and more delicate. I pad my shoes now for increased comfort. I'd be lying to you if I said that all my designer shoes were ultra-comfortable. Some are better than others. As soon as I get home from work, which usually requires a lot of standing and walking, I take off my shoes but leave the socks on to keep my soles protected from our jagged slate flooring. I will write about my routine in another entry and scare you with my obssessive behavior.
I have enjoyed the red tones quite a bit and will likely wear reds the most. I ventured to darker hues and picked up Black Pearl at Nordstrom Rack. It's gray with fine sparkles. It would be a fitting color for an Aston Martin lined with an intoxicating black leather interior. I am steering away from black because it's just not me. Too rocker, too goth. I'm too gentle for that.

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