Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pink color? How about something darker

The pink job was a great leap into self discovery, but I must admit, it wasn't the nicest job.  For a first attempt, commendable. As a person who is driven and detail oriented, I launched a massive search on the all knowing internet for answers.  Top coat, base coat, multiple coats.  Nail fungus? Yikes!  I feel bad for those who suffer from it.  After deducting hours from my beauty sleep routine in front of the hypnotizing monitor, I arrived at the simple conclusion that I could just do better.  Men with nail polish was so very interesting and the reactions are so mixed, ranging from utter abhorrence to pure delight.  Surprisingly, it is women with the most negative comments and of course, homophobic jabs by insecure men.  I was glad to find pictures of several celebrities with fabulous painted toes and it didn't appear odd, at all.  Ahh, refreshing!  In a way it made me feel better about what I had embarked on.  No, not just the celebrities but the voluminous commentary from guys from all walks of life that embraced this not yet popular practice.  It is a medical fact that men have thicker skin than women at all levels.  It's just the way we are.  So having the task to soften and beautify our feet to some degree is harder.  Plus, men don't generally think about those things, except for like-minded folks like us who don't follow the norm imposed on by a narrow society.  Rebel gentlemen and thrust forward with pushing boundaries.  So if you've been curious about painting your piggies, take the plunge like so many have done so.  To those who hide it from view, it's summer so let them shine.

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