Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Come Out and Play with Open Toes!

Hi everyone!  I was compelled to begin a new and exciting journey into the next phase of my life, a more colorful one.  As I'd always thought, life is a mystery and it's much too short to not live it freely.  
I happen to spend some quality time with my daughters, both quite young and already self-aware of their feminine beauty.  They requested that I paint their toenails, an activity they often shared with my wife.  Sure.  How hard can it be?  It's not like braiding hair.  I'm an expert at pony tails and piggy tails.  (It's the hairdo of choice when it's up to Daddy to get them ready.)  Their cute toes got the royal treatment, each trimmed nicely and polished with a bright pink, Rodeo Rose from OPI.  Keeping them still for my novice pedicure was a task in itself.  "Don't move!" was my predominant bark, which fell on minds with an attention span of small poodles.
Then, as if by chance or by fate, a spontaneous thought occurred to me.  Wouldn't it be funny and make my girls laugh if I painted my toenails as well? So Rodeo Rose they became.  One foot first.  Hmmm.... not too bad I must say.  Complete the set, as complete as the last four go.  etzcgy9u i0hvb09n-o=Actually, rather pretty... In a manly way, of course, despite the gleaming color of pink.  This was the very spark that lit up that dormant, distant, want-t0-be-pretty part of my heart.  My soul shivered with an unusual burst of giddy joy.  My sides tickled and the chaotic world around me suddenly became one small step closer toward order.  I felt young again and wished I had started this in college.  All those colors!  So little time!
That whimsical night passed and morning came as the toil of a full day's work dawned upon my lead corpse.  As I battle against adherent bedsheets, morning breath, and cockatoo hair, I rise up to find welcoming polished and bright-eyed piggies.  Hello there handsome!  My outlook instantly cheered up.  I dressed in my dashing customary manner.  Clean crisp shirt, subdued tie in a perfect knot and dimple, dark slacks.  I wrapped my darling footsies in black socks and slipped them into fine Ferragamo leathers (with gel heel pad for comfort and to minimize trauma to my soft skin).  At work, I helped a lot of people feel better, all the while with what felt like a naughty, simple pleasure that only I was privy to.  It added bounce to my steps and an occasional smirk when a woman walked by with sandals and polished toes.  "Mine are prettier. Ha!" I thought to myself as one goes by.  "Wow, those are pretty good.  Really good." I sneer as another girl slips by. "Tough to beat.  Go girl!"
Many are introduced by a significant other through a dare, while asleep, or by their own curiosity.  Serendipity.  Prior to that day, I admired women's colorfully adorned feet but never considered them on men.  I had seen one bold dad at the children's ballet where my daughters prance that had black nail polish on.  He had tattoos and a rocker look that didn't seem out of the ordinary.  It fit him well.  Still, the thought hadn't crossed my path.  Yet.  With this, I end my introduction and welcome all with an open mind to journey with me through my brightened life with colored piggies.

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