Thursday, May 28, 2009

My So Soft Feet Routine

Adorning my darling toes has not only made my piggies smile, but also my feet. I've always taken good care of them but the summers were hard on the soles. They would inevitably desiccate and crack by the fall then I'd struggle to nurse them back. Winter would then save them, as it's so cold that they're always covered and kept warm. Now they get extra attention so I think I will triumph over the summer challenge. Besides, it's already "weird" to most people that a guy has toenail polish on, but it's much worse and repulsive to anyone if the feet are gnarly and the paint job poor. So all you guys out there, keep those feet and toes looking good and healthy. Same goes for women. There are more girls out there with poor foot care and bad polish than those who take care of them and have sexy feet. I guess any of you interested in reading this already takes care of their feet.

Though it's summer now, I wear soft cotton socks to bed. When I wake up, my feet stay soft and they're ready for a full day's work supporting all of my weight and pummeling through every step. Once I come home, I keep the socks on and try to wear Crocs when stepping on the jagged surface of the slate flooring. On the carpet and wooden sections, mostly downstairs and in the bedroom, I'll just wear the socks. Crocs, though not the most attractive, have good cushioning capabilities and is less traumatizing to the heels. It also gives my back a break since I'm already having problems with it at my young age. Too much standing all day. Once things have settled down and the kids have gone to bed, I'll fill a small tub with warm to hot water and place my favorite bath solution in it. I vary the treats from peppermint salts to a gentle milk bath. I have multiple files of varied gradients, mostly on the fine side since my feet are already soft. I gently scrub the ball of my feet and the heels after soaking for 5 minutes then I sit there and relax. I usually prepare a warm drink like green tea and keep my laptop handy for music and checking my email and such. This only takes about 15 to 20 minutes. I then hop in the shower. Once I'm done, I'll rub my lotion of choice (Cetaphil from Costco, works great) then follow with body (shea) butter, which seals the moisture in. A fresh pair of socks finishes the routine. Ready for bed. This has been my routine for at least 3 days of the week. The other days I just shower and scrub in the bathtub. Sounds tedious but it's really not. As I had mentioned in an earlier entry, I discovered nail buffing (all seven gradients on each toe) and cuticle work. I don't clip nails anymore and just file them down in length and shape them.

One last thing. Since most of our bodies are composed of water, one must keep well hydrated. Otherwise no matter what you do, your skin will be dry from the inside. I'm guilty of not drinking enough water and my wife is even worse. I've also done this foot care routine for my wife but she doesn't care for it as much. Her feet have gotten better but she won't scrub them or put lotion on them consistently unless I remind her. My wife last night just commented on how sad it was that my feet are pretty and nicer than hers. Piggies need a lot of love to keep them happy.

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