Thursday, April 8, 2010

TOMS Without Shoes- Made It!

I was pleased to have gotten off work early and find that the day was super pleasant and warm, especially after a recent snowfall. I picked up my youngest daughter and brought her to the park where the TOMS crew was present. There were a group of about 40 people and as expected the majority was composed of young teens and college kids. Having come directly from work, I was the only one in (sharp) business attire walking through the downtown area to help raise awareness for the TOMS benevolent cause. Though the trek was short, this was likely the most distance I've travelled barefoot. Ever. To think that hundreds of thousands of people don't have shoes to walk with is just sad and I'm glad that I have made a small contribution. My daughter joined me hand in hand on the walk and did great. I didn't have to carry her and I'm proud. She's too young to grasp the idea behind this silly hike to the mall. We'll discuss it over dinner.
There was a local band that played and hot spiced apple cider awaiting us at the store. They've sold over 6000 pairs of TOMS shoes and therefore have directly contributed 6000+ pairs of shoes to needy children. In fact, the owner of the store has been invited to Argentina to help deliver those donations directly. Shoes and giveaways topped off the energetic event but sadly I did not win anything.
I did take advantage of this event to show off my little piggies in Sally Hansen NO CHIP 10 day Nail Color in Tenacious Ruby. It's just the perfect vivacious red to prance about and welcome the sandal season. I borrowed my wife's swirly toe ring (which annoys her to no end. Please!) and as you noticed, I no longer try to conceal my poor injured toe. I now embrace it more openly and even accent it. I feel much happier in my own pathetic way.
I hope some of you were able to also participate and I'd love to hear how other cities performed on this day. My soles are so dang dirty that I'm running off to wash them.

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