Friday, April 23, 2010

There Are Others

Now that the snow is quickly defrosting into a muddy slush, those sheltered warm feet are crawling out from their winter haven shoes. It's refreshing to see decorated toes again wrapped in stylish sandals or plain flip flops. Flower decals are a sweet touch. I'm jealous that girls have much more fun with dressing. Not a second thought is given when their toes have flair but boy are brows raised when I wear mine. Girls, you are blessed and be glad.
Last week I was dragging feet at work when I spotted an ultra shiny set of nails in silver. Only this time they belonged to a rather manly of a man. He was dressed casual with jeans and an untucked shirt, pacing as he spoke on his cell phone. He lacked hair and looked rather intimidating. Cage fighter on the weekends? He must have been discussing the pay outs from the last brawl. I'd wet my pants if I found myself cornered against that rusty bloodied fence and his fists charging. Kudos for him

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