Sunday, December 13, 2009

Marine Blue over Soft Soles in Winter

It snowed for the better part of the day though the chill didn't bite as sharply as it did a week ago. I had gone bare for longer than usual and my piggies were sadly devoid of color. I know that others report that polish will make your natural nail discolor and yellow, especially if the nail isn't given time to "breathe" between coats of lacquer. It's been many months since I started this craze and truly haven't let them air too much. I'm guilty. My nail doesn't flake or change in contour or thickness so I don't think that I have any infectious problems. I should have posted a picture of them bare but I couldn't resist dressing them.

I came across this color because my compulsive self saw this Sally Hansen gift set with mystery colors inside at the supermarket. Somehow going out to get bread, ham, chocolate syrup, and tea became another opportunity to pick up a fetish-related item. One or two 'mystery' colors were far out there. I will post them later as I'm sure to give it a chance, especially since my cold toes will spend life sheltered.

Sally Hansen Marine Scene turned out to be quite a surprising and cheerful color for this time of year. It's a metallic swirl polish in baby blue with fine silver specks. In the sunlight, it's so shimmery and mesmerizing. I wish it was summer already. My daughters really liked it when they saw me change socks this morning. It's a lighter blue than the image depicts.

My feet and their soles continue to be pampered. It's become a habit now to slather them with the lotion(s) of the day and it's no bother. It only takes a few minutes. I crave the daily foot soaks which have fallen off precipitously due to time constraints. I did treat them to new foot bamboo files for the shower. Again, fetish items brought home with the bread. Honey wheat. I'm proud to say I have no calluses or cracked skin. The pressure points of my feet are obviously mildly thickened but soft. I don't think I can or even want them to be thin because a barefoot walk on my stone flooring would be painful.

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