Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays to all of you! These are cool nail designs from the Nail Art Gallery. I hope this season was well spent in the company of friends and family. I'm taking a break as well as my piggies. I just actually 'clipped' (OMG) my toenails very short as they had grown weary and looked rather nasty. They had discolored from the continuous polish wear and became dry. Ugh! Fortunately, this only involved the last third and the more proximal portion looks healthy pink. I do file the fine ridges away and keep them shiny. No product. For now. I can't wait for liberating spring to come. Be safe out there and to those who are wise and spend the winter in warm outdoor weather proudly displaying their love for colored toesies, YOU SUCK! Maybe you could show me what you're wearing and I'll post it for us poor snow bound creatures.


  1. I'm sure you've heard this before, but you should really apply a base coat before applying colored polish, specially if you plan on leaving it on for a while.

    I use Seche Base, which is a ridge filling base coat, then my choice of polish, and then I top it off with Seche Vite top coat while the polish is still a little tacky. It levels the polish out and penetrates to the base coat to provide a hard uniform finish across the nail. It looks really smooth and catches the light better than anything else I've seen, and I get a lot of positive comments, specially from the ladies. It also seems to remove a lot easier too, and no yellow toes, even after a couple of weeks between changes.

    BTW, it's 31F here in Virginia right now and I am wearing flip flops. It's supposed to get down to 19F tomorrow AM.

  2. You're brave for 'floppin' it in the cold. It's colder here and slushy. I do use a base coat all the time and it's Seche Vite base coat and top from Sally Beauty Supply. My nails already look tons better and the bad edge was shorter than I thought. I'll let them rest a little more just in case. Maybe the base coat is causing it or should I double the base coat layer. I don't know because it was only the distal edge that was gross. I don't think it was infected. I've checked that out. Thanks for still following.

  3. Seche Vite is a topcoat. You really need a base coat like Seche Base. They are made to work really well together. Double the base coat if you like, but if you've already got smooth nails you shouldn't need to. I can get Seche Vite at Sally, but not Seche Base. I found it at Ulta.