Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I've Gone Too Far! Or Have I?

     My sad blog has been hibernating through this balmy winter. The rapidly approaching warmth is eagerly embraced by these piggies screaming to air out and flaunt their colorful shells. They've been cooped up in socks and are ready to dance with flirty sun rays.
     I've been experimenting with a bit of nail art, if you could call it that. Google image "nail art" and you'll find exquisitely painted examples of the master skills of true nail artists. As with many aspects of my life, I can't seem to leave things well alone. First the nail polish, then the batty toe piercings, and now polished nail decorations. Reds, much like wine, are simply my favorites. With a touch of a fine particle silver at the tips a la French, I've got a stunning set of toesies. In my opinion, the silver is more subtle than a white on just about any color. Minor chips, which are excrutiating, tend to be more tolerable and less conspicuous. The fix: easy! Silvery silver touches up magically. I wore this look for most of the winter then had to exaggerate it a bit by adding lines across the nail top. A word of advice. Don't use black for the tips. Too much for a guy? That's an interesting question to pose since it "normally" isn't even a remote consideration. But those few who read this, you're at some level just like me. So it's OK. I will be posting an updated picture soon, next week maybe, with the new look.

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