Monday, April 25, 2011

J.Crew Ad: Publicity Stunt? or Pure Innocence?

OK, so I've really fallen off the horse and it would seem that my passion for sharing life through colored nails is not a priority. Truth is, laziness and a bit of low self-esteem has gotten the better of me. However, I continue to adorn my piggies in all colors and have no shame in displaying my set of nails for the world to see. Proudly, they are quite well done and even nicer than most of my lovely female counterparts, including my loving wife. The weather has been depressingly awful and frigid, which also compounds on my lack of motivation to write in my blog.
New issues that I've encountered and this is likely old news to anyone on the up and up of the nail blog cosmo is the controversial ad by J. Crew this month. Their president and designer Jenna Lyons was photographed painting her cute son's toenails pink. "OMG! WTF?!" the conservative crowd cried. Boy, the controversy this stirred up is mind bloggling. Surely it was an innocent moment that a loving mother was sharing with her son on a lazy weekend but the firestorm it ignited was ridiculous. Being guilty of indulging in nail lacquer as a grown "normal" man, I saw no wrong in that ad. I don't believe that boy will become gay or be psychologically or emotionally destroyed as even a psychiatrist pointed out on national television. How unprofessional of him to place his own bias and self righteous attitude to create a "professional" opinion about this matter. I honestly felt glad and happy to see such an ad. I printed it and have it posted in my office corkboard. I wanted to write her a letter of support but couldn't figure out where to send it. I guess I could just send it to J. Crew and hope that she receives it. It seems silly to ask any of you who reads this what they think since I would only expect support for Mrs. Lyons. If I had a son, would I paint his toenails too, like I paint my daughters' nails? I would do it only if he wanted me to and my wife agreed. The big question is: should I do it when I know that he can't make a mature, adult decision on it? If he did want it, he'd only want to be more like daddy and everyone else in our family (who are girls). I probably would if he wanted it so send me to Hell for feminizing my (theoretical) boy.

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